Homeopathy is...

Natural:  It's based on the principle of "Like cures like". A substance that produces disease-like symptoms when taken by a healthy person can cure a sick person/animal with similar symptoms when given in an appropriate form.

Non habit forming:  The remedies have nothing in them that can lead to patients becoming dependent on the medication.

Has no side effects:  As homeopathic medicines are prescribed in minute amounts, there is no chance of side effects that can occur with conventional medicines.

Cost effective:  Compare the cost of homeopathic treatment with other medical treatment.

Please Note: Joan is no longer accepting any new or treating existing clients. For further information or request to forward copies of your records to another practitioner please contact me

Welcome to my website about homeopathy, "a natural choice for people and pets". I've aimed to provide the most important information about homeopathy and how it may help in your health and welbeing. However, if you require any further information, please contact me or your local Homeopath.

homeopathyHomeopathy is essentially a natural healing process, providing remedies to assist the patient to regain health by stimulating the body's natural healing ability. It concentrates on treating the entire person, rather than just the disease.

Please use this website to find out more about homeopathy and what is involved in a consultation, animal homeopathy, or to ask me a question.

Joan Goddard
Registered Classical Homeopath