What's involved in a Homeopathic consultation?

For an adult, a Homeopathic consultation generally takes one to one and one half hours. Animal consultations take one hour. You will need to give the Homeopath a word picture of you or your pet's condition.

You will also need to tell the Homeopath about:

  • your problem (like eczema or food poisoning)
  • any medications or vitamins you are taking
  • your general medical history
  • your Family medical history
  • your dreams, desires and hopes for treatment. In other words: the total YOU (a similar process applies to animals)

The homeopath will want to know all about you. What your temperament is like, what habits you may have, what fears, or what conditions you show fear under. Are you aggressive and, if so, how do you display that aggression? Do you prefer warmth or cold? Are you a sociable person? Do you mix with others easily, or do crowds or strangers frighten you? Do you have foods you love or foods you dislike? What sort of things fall under the heading of "stress" for you? All of these things are important in the selection of the right remedy for you.

Your treatment is explained so you clearly understand it and are satisfied. It is also important to discuss and understand the prognosis or path for healing.

What happens next?

When you start taking a Homeopathic remedy several things can happen. You may simply start to recover and go on so to do. Sometimes your body needs to go through a healing crisis and you may then become temporarily worse as the remedy stimulates the body to heal itself. This type of reaction is usually short lived, typically between 24 hours and 72 hours, and any concerns you may have should be discussed with your Homeopath.

You are usually given a Homeopathic remedy the minimum number of times to effect a curative response.

The Medicine

You will be given one or more tablets or drops of liquid to take. You will be given the minimum number of medicines, the minimum number of times in the least strength possible to effect a change in your health. You are encouraged to come back to the Homeopath at regular intervals, and from there review the progress of healing. This way you can both decide your continuing treatment options in an informed way.

Remember, YOU are in charge of the healing process, not the Homeopath.

Dosage and Repetition

Homeopathic remedies need to be handled carefully.

A few important points to note:

  • Remedies should be handled minimally and stored away from strong light and smells.
  • Remedies are activated in the mucous membranes of the mouth and for that reason... its best to have no food or drink for 20 minutes before or after the remedy.
  • Because the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies can be affected by strong or punget foods or oils, it's best to avoid these things in the first few weeks of treatment.
  • The more dilute a remedy is the stronger and gentler the effects are.
  • Dosage is non accumulative. In other words, one tablet equals one dose.
  • Four tablets given at the same time also equals one dose.
  • Repetition is what is effective, not quantity.
  • The golden rule of Homeopathy is less is best. You are given the lowest potency possible, repeated the least number of times, to get a result/cure.