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The advice contained in these information sheets is intended as a guideline to remedies that may help in certain conditions. Do not stop taking doctor prescribed medication without consulting your doctor. If you get good results with homeopathic remedies, that is good; if results are partial or ineffective consider consulting a registered homeopath in your area. (See

Homeopathy in Flu epidemics

Homeopathy has been used in epidemics with success for many years. Good personal hygiene and common sense, and medical advice is also important at these times. This list covers a number of remedies and ideas that you can use if you are in an area where an influenza epidemic is active. download »

Back problems

Back problems often respond well to homeopathic treatment. The selection of remedies on this download is not a complete set of remedies for back pain. If condition does not improve in a short time seek medical help. download »


The remedies listed below are a guide and not a definitive list as homeopathic treatment is tailor-made to each individual woman and her needs. If you see a remedy below and it matches your symptoms clearly then you will have a palliative result fairly quickly. If you do not get relief with in 6 doses of the remedy then you will need to talk with a professional homeopath. download »

Painful Periods

Used in place of pain relief, homeopathy has been known to be helpful for painful periods. Often women find that not only the pain decreases with the correct remedy, but the periods become more regular and the flow is more manageable. download »

Homeopathy in travel sickness

Dose one tablet/2 drops/ 1 spray ½ hr before travel repeat as needed Travel or motion sickness can be debilitating and uncomfortable. The correct remedy will help to alleviate the symptoms of travel or motion sickness without causing drowsiness or side effects. Make sure you choose the remedy that is most like the patient's travel sickness symptoms. download »

Acute ear ache in children and adults

Ear ache is painful and often recurrent. Homeopathic remedies have been known to assist with the recovery from such complaints. Choose your remedy carefully, and if the patient is acutely distressed or you are unsure what to do next, then call your GP or homeopath for help. download »

Birthing kit

While having a baby is seen to be normal, women often need some assistance through the birth process. The remedies in this download are some of the most commonly used remedies for the birthing process. Homeopathic remedies do not prevent breast feeding or affect the baby adversely. Discuss your needs with your midwife, gynaecologist or doctor as well. download »

Hay fever and allergies

Hay fever and allergies can be very inconvenient and upsetting. The remedies suggested are purely palliative and good results can be gained while the allergy is short term or non life threatening. Homeopathic allergy remedies are non drowsy and do not contain harmful chemicals. download »