Free Information Downloads regarding Animals

These downloads are for the use of pet owners who want to try something different for their animals. You may find just the right remedy and get the result you want, if not you may need to consult a homeopath. Any animal suffering pain or distress must be seen by a qualified vet.

The information contained in these downloads does not replace qualified veterinary advice. If the animal's condition does not improve, consult your vet.

Fleas and Worms

Some animals are more predisposed to fleas and worms than others. This sheet has suggestions that may help your animal be less affected by parasites of all kinds. download »

Itchy Scratchy Dogs

Some of the skin problems that exist are, Flea bite allergy, Allergic contact dermatitis (caused by poison ivy - wandering Jew) Food allergies, lack of tolerance to heat, and many other things. Homeopathic remedies work well in the treatment of skin conditions, if the condition is of long standing or a complicated nature then consult your Vet and then a homeopath. download »

Topical applications for skin complaints

A list of products that may help your animal's skin problems. download »

Going to the vet can be scary

Some animals find a routine trip to the vet scary, and homeopathic remedies can help alleviate the stress and distress the animal feels. This list is some of the more commonly used remedies for fear and fright. They are good for nervous owners too! download »

Travel Sickness

Some animals do not travel well for various reasons. The remedies suggested here may help your animal travel without being sick, or feeling nauseous. download »


For some animals travel or going out can be very exciting, which leads to a lot of stress on the owner and the animal. The remedies on this list may help to calm your over excitable animal down while you travel. download »

Whelping (birthing) Kit

A guide for people wanting to use homeopathic treatment while their animal is in the birthing process. This is not intended to be veterinary treatment, rather a guide to uncomplicated birthing in animals. download »

Natural Whelping / Birthing handy hints

Some ideas to consider regarding the mating and pregnancy of your animal. Discuss these ideas with your vet especially regarding vaccinations and antibiotics. download »

Oestrus problems in Queens or Bitches

Sometimes the oestrus cycle in a queen or a bitch gets out of kilter for some reason or other. Homeopathic remedies can help restore the normal cycle, provided there is no underlying disease or infection present. Homeopathy is also useful, for those female animals who's sexual desire is outside of the norm in the oestrus cycle. download »

Dogs who don't cope with bitches in season

Dogs, Toms and even Stallions are often put under stress by having an in season female in their vicinity and not be able to do what comes naturally. An animal that is not going to be used for stud purposes can become intensely upset. Some who are used for stud purposes still have the same problem. Owners find the animal loses weight, and condition during this time, as well as mentally being upset. The mating urge is normal, the remedies on this sheet are chosen for animals in whom the urge is causing them to lose too much weight, or become in some way unwell during this time. download »